Over the last few years, there has indeed been a rise in the number of young black business owners and I am so here for it! I have seen so many businesses birthed and grow to amazing heights. Here are a few of my personal favourites.

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Sinai Beauty is a beautiful skin care brand, inspired by the biblical story of Queen Esther. Founded by former Miss Ghana UK 2012, Esther Amina Titi-Lartey, Sinai Beauty prides itself in being a brand that embodies simplicity, virtue and power. Sinai Beauty has a fantastic range of products available right now from the Acai and Goji Microdermabrasion Scrub, to a favourite of mine, Whipped Shea Butter. Going back to the inspiration behind the brand (simply beautiful, might I say!) there are a number of blog posts written by the founder herself, shedding more light onto her and her journey, if you are interested, please join the Sinai Beauty mailing list! Sinai Beauty definitely is one to watch, so be sure to follow them on all social media platforms and make purchases for the products directly through the website

Leisurewear is life and SWAGLDN is the epitome of quality, exclusive leisurewear. Founded back in 2009, this independent fashion-forward label has been seen on the likes of Wretch32, Stormzy, Krept & Konan to name but a few. The growth of the brand is evident, the range of clothing available simply one testament to this. The future holds a lot for SWAGLDN with the aim to rebrand from SWAGLDN to SWAGINTL. Receive 10% off of your first order by signing up to their mailing list! Click here for more information.

1Figures London is a brand and movement founded by East Londoner, Chris (RasFigures). If you do not have an item of 1Figures in your closet, what are you really doing? August 22 marked 4 years in the game for 1Figures and I believe that there is so much more greatness to come from this brand! 2017 has indeed been the year of pop-up shops and it is absolutely amazing to see the 1Figures team donned out in their apparel and so many of you purchasing and rocking their products. There are a range of products that you can purchase - the 1Figures Series collection has caught my eye. I can personally attest to the quality and service so and get you some 1F, honey! Click here to check out 1Figures and their latest products.


'A Severe Addiction to Progress' is the slogan and that is exactly what GAINAGE and its founder James Walters aim to exhibit. GAINAGE aims to be more than a clothing line but a brand and concept that encourages individuals to internally and externally add value. For those that enjoy working out, comfort is key (whilst looking good with all those gains, of course) and the GAINAGE team prides themselves in providing products that allow you to do both. Many fitness influencers on social media have been seen in GAINAGE Apparel and I must say they all do look good! The AW17 Collection is due to come out at any moment and from the snippets we have seen on the GAINAGE social media pages, it looks pretty dope! Be sure to check out the website and get you some GAINAGE (gains and apparel, get it?) 

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By Clarinick is a premium British accessories house, providing unique and elegant pieces. Inspired by the designer's herself, you can expect world-class exotic leathers, luxurious furs and precious jewels - I kid you not, it is beyond dope. By Clarinick currently has some amazing statement pieces available, unifying maximalism, street style and indeed glitz and glamour. If that is up your street, click here to check out the amazing pieces. It has been amazing to witness the designs come to life and cannot wait for more pieces to be added to the collection! Clarinick's style is second to none and I know I will be taking a few leaves out of her book in this new chapter of my life. Anyway, By Clarinick, London Fashion Week next year?

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KLB is a forward-thinking luxury cosmetics brand based here in the UK. KLB has a number of amazing products and outstanding collections that are consistently high-quality with customers and social media influencers alike attesting to this brand. I personally follow the founder, Kemi (pictured, left) on YouTube and Twitter and have seen her journey (from afar, of course), but it is nothing short of inspiring! Her honesty and transparency with her journey into this realm of her life has been an encouragement and inspiration to many. I have seen the mood board for the new KLB collection on social media and honey, hold your wig down because I know for a fact that this collection will indeed blow you away! Follow ShopKLB on all social media platforms, visit the website and also contact Kemi if you require any make-up services as she is a self-taught freelance make-up artist (hello, wonderwoman or what?!) - check out her work here

This woman right here is the true definition of a female boss! I attended a cute empowerment dinner that she had early summer last year and I can honestly say it was at that event that I really got my life and vowed to level up and be the boss I believe I am. If there is one thing that Ms Summers knows how to do, it is encourage people! Her posts on social media come are super timely and aim to encourage and empower young like-minded entrepreneurs. Wait, I didn't even tell you what she does - she has a degree in Nursing and 'saves lives for a living' (as she says!), is the owner of several businesses and a branding guru! Some of her projects include Bosses In Business, The Gram Guru Academy and Bosses In Heels Network! Ms Summers recently launched her consultancy services for those that are interested in starting up a business. Her coaching sessions will equip you with what you need to consider to get the coins coming in. Contact Ms Summers here for more information. 

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Co-founded by sisters Naomi and Chinyere Simon, Byooti is an online and pop-up shop which aims to provide a holistic range of Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty cosmetics - a true one stop shop for all things black hair. With strong roots in social enterprise, Byooti aims to give back to the community through its 'Pay It Forward' range. In you purchasing a product from said range, at least 10% of the money you pay, when you buy items from our Pay It Forward range is donated to partner, Simon Education who will provide an Afro-Caribbean child with additional academic support - pretty amazing if you ask me! I must say, I do love that the products online do cater to all types of Afro-Caribbean hair, including relaxed textures! I do feel like there can be an unspoken pressure to join the natural hair movement so it is great that there is literally something on the site for you. Click here to visit the site and make your purchases!

Launching officially in 2018, Daapah Chocolates and in fact, the Daapah Group as a whole is one to watch! Founded by siblings and social entrepreneurs, Raphael (pictured) Kwaku & Afia Daapah, all of whom are committed to promoting and empowering Africa in many ways - it is a family affair for real! Daapah Chocolates is a luxury hand-crafted vegan brand of chocolate, sourcing its cocoa beans from all over the diaspora! I have seen the chin-chin chocolate and I am extremely excited for that to drop and indulge in all that goodness. Follow Daapah Group and support this amazing cause.

Final Words:
Things are changing and I honestly believe that it is important to support black-owned business. There is so much untapped wealth within our community - it is time for us as millennials to level up and dominate our rightful positions in the market. The above business owners are a real example of black excellence and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all young black business owners to take advantage of healthy lateral collaborations, remain professional and exhibit high-levels of customer services at all times. There is beauty in collaboration and I think so much can be done within our community if as many of us as possible, aim to pass our knowledge and experience on to one another. Be sure to follow the likes of UK Black Owned Business (fantastic event held on 14 October!) and Brands of Colour for more information on current black-owned businesses here in the UK and get involved where you can! Let me know if you yourself are a young black business owner, I would love to hear your story!


Artwork by ToluDK

Artwork by ToluDK