Millennials of today are increasingly interested in becoming financially literate and money savvy! It is great to see so many of us attempting to navigate our way through adulthood. With it still being so early on in the year, I thought it would be worthwhile sharing some amazing financial resources, individuals and platforms that I have come across and some I have personally used. This is a real short list to get you started.

Triston Andre recently shared a selection of books that are worth reading. The financial literacy list is definitely one worth actively delving into. Instead of scrolling through social media fervently throughout your day and on your commute, why not download a book on Kindle, Audible and the like or grab a copy from your local bookstore. I have purchased a few of the below and will be sure to share my thoughts with you here on my blog.

2019 Reading List, Financial Literacy curated by  Triston Andre

2019 Reading List, Financial Literacy curated by Triston Andre

Podcasts have become increasingly popular and there is a wealth (see what I did there!) of great content out there that touches on all things personal finance. Disunomics and The Making Cents podcast are amongst a few of my favourite that provide simplified yet informative discussions on personal finance. The great thing about both of these podcasts is that there are often amazing guests sharing their knowledge and expertise. Please note that they are not registered financial advisors, and provide food for thought so please do your own research and seek professional advice before making any big decisions! (See, Making Cents, got your disclaimer covered!)

Budgeting tools: LekzLdn of Capital Moments recently released his Budget Excel Template.  For Excel novices, don’t worry, all the formulas have been pre-set - all you have to do is populate the cells as necessary throughout the month. I would strongly advise purchasing and keeping a diligent eye on your coins in 2019! The Budgeting Template contains tables to compare your actual and planned income, expenses and savings. I have found it particularly useful when forecasting my savings goal for the year and seeing how that can be achieved on a monthly basis. Yolt is a money management app that is definitely worth downloading. Yolt is a super user-friendly app that encourages you stay on top of your spending habits. With its compatibility with the majority of banks, Yolt allows you to see your incomings and outgoings from your various accounts in one place. I personally use both and feel that they complement each other very well

Image Source:  Open Banking

Image Source: Open Banking

Property Goals: Many of us are striving to get a foot on the property ladder and irrespective of what media outlets may put out, it is definitely possible and we have some relatable peers within our generation that have already purchased their first property! The following individuals share some amazing tips on saving for your deposit and navigating the buying process:

Left to right: Roland, Jade Vanriel & Ade

Left to right: Roland, Jade Vanriel & Ade

Roland, Founder of Property Cohort, provides great advice for first-time buyers and property investors; the amazing Jade Vanriel bought her first property at 23 and she shares her journey on her YouTube channel. If you are looking to buy within the next year, it is worth checking out her Homes under £200kseries. Ade of KingAdeIV recently bought his first home. One of his recent videos gives us more of an insight into his experience! 

It is worth following platforms like the Wealth Hatch, Money Medics and the Wealthy Millennial for advice on various topics including: improving your credit score, managing additional streams of income amongst many others.

On that note, repeat after me: In 2019, I am getting my money right! I hope that a few of the above resources help you in your financial journey and act as a great starting point for you to get your money right this year! Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter which you will receive in your inbox on the last Monday of every month. January 28th 2019, 7am GMT – perfect commute read!