Facebook. Now I must admit, I am not an avid Facebook user. On the rare occasions I find myself updating my profile picture, the Cluttr app advert pop up every now and again on my timeline. I decided to do some research into this new app and speak to one of its founders, Boateng Opoku-Yeboah.


JF: So what is Cluttr?
B: Cluttr is a household management solution that allows roommates to efficiently manage their shared tasks, supplies and bills in one place. We found that there were a number of separate apps that split chores, split shopping tasks, rent and the rest but to our knowledge, there wasn't an app that had all these modules incorporated into it. Founded by myself, Boateng and Tunde Alao, we came together and developed this app with the essential features for roommates.

Left, Boateng Opoku-Yeboah and Right, Tunde Alao

Left, Boateng Opoku-Yeboah and Right, Tunde Alao

JF: Talk me through the features.
B: Right now, the app has three main features which include: Chores, Supplies and Bills. Chores: this feature allows for the creation of a house chore, set the occurrence and select the people in the house who should be doing it. Everyone involved gets a notification and when it's their turn, they get reminded. After the chore is completed, everyone in the house gets notified that it has been completed. Supplies: This feature allows roommates to create a shopping list of items they want, and when someone in their house purchase it, they can create a bill and everyone who needed that item gets a notification that it has been bought. Finally, Bills! Collecting money from your roommates can be a bit annoying especially when it's small amounts. With Cluttr, you can enter a bill whenever you buy an item and it automatically splits and send the people involved a notification. We recently just integrated PayPal to make it easier for roommates to pay each other.


JF: That sounds like a very handy app. I personally never shared accommodation whilst I was in university but I can imagine if I did, Cluttr would be an essential! When did you start building the app and eventually launch?
B: We started building the app in the summer break when I shared accommodation with Tunde. It was actually at this time that we actually got the inspiration for the app in the first place because prior to us sharing a flat, I had never had a roommate before! By the end of September, Cluttr was built and as you can see, available via the App Store and also Google Play! 

Group 2.jpg

JF: Wow, talk about time efficient - that's amazing. I have read reviews that praise the sleekness of the app and to do that within such a short space of time is impressive! How many of there are you in the Cluttr team?
B: Cluttr started off as a duo (Tunde and myself) and now the Cluttr team is a trio!
JF: How do you manage the daily runnings of the application alongside your personal lives (including university/working)?
B: I am currently in university studying aerospace engineering which is a very demanding course but I do balance my time effectively between academics and Cluttr. I focus mostly on doing my university work and meeting deadlines and solely work on Cluttr around that. I expect the app to grow in the coming months and it is all about putting the ground work in now
JF: What has been your biggest challenge with Cluttr and how do you aim to overcome it (if you haven't already)?
B: Marketing! Marketing is essential and I personally hate talking to people and getting myself out there but it is something that needs to be done to continue to generate more traffic to the app. To overcome our current marketing struggle, we are currently looking to recruit a marketing officer onto the team and posted up an ad for the position over on our website. Hopefully this person will be able to bring their knowledge and expertise to the team and aid the growth of the app! 

JF: It is very important to hone in on your evident skills and abilities and outsource expertise when you can. I really do love the app and hope that your new marketing officer does wonders! Do you have any advice for other startups and young business owners?
B: For many people, the biggest thing is fear, particularly uni students, the fear of venturing into the unknown. If you have an idea and you believe that it is feasible, just get started and continue working on it until you are satisfied with the outcome. I saw a quote one time that said "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". Bite the bullet and get started! 
JF: I agree! I must say it is a common piece of advice that many people I have interviewed in the last few weeks have mentioned. Finally, what is in store for Cluttr in 2018?
B: I can give you a TINY spoiler. As we are focused on becoming an all-in-one app we are aiming to create an app for landlords that will allow tenants to communicate with landlords. If you have a problem with your Internet or boiler, no need to send a long-winded email, just a quick message to the landlord via the app and you are sorted! We are also currently working on the live shopping mode that will notify all roommates when one of your roommates are in the supermarket and you can hit them up with what you want or may have forgotten on the shopping list! We have some exciting features so download Cluttr to keep up-to-date!
JF: These sound like some super exciting features and I am honestly excited to see this app grow and hopefully expand across all institutions here in the UK and potentially globally too! 

Final Words:
It is always great to see young people in various sectors excelling and building amazing platforms (especially when they are both from your old university)!  I definitely believe that Cluttr is one to watch in 2018. Be sure to download the app if you are currently in shared accommodation and let us know how you find it. Again, big well done to the founders of Cluttr - very excited for you both! Finally, the Cluttr team do have a marketing positions available, click here for more information.
FYI: A new version of Cluttr will be released on 19 December 2017 - get ready to download!


Facebook: Cluttr
Website: Cluttr
Get Cluttr on the App Store here
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