July is flying by. We are already halfway through 2017, it's crazy but we thank God nonetheless! As you all know, I know love seeing young people doing great things and this next young lady is a BOSS, literally. You may have seen her 'fits all over social media - if you haven't I really do not know where you have been. I came across her page on Instagram and admire her passion and consistency.

JF: It is an absolute pleasure to speak with you today. Let the people know who you are and what you do?
DD: Hi, my name is Dian. I am the creator behind DoséOfDian and a stylist. I am a full-time student at the moment, however I am still finding myself. I would class myself as a highly motivated individual, entrepreneur addicted to growth. I always strive to do better and be proactive in all that I do. 

Photo: The face behind the brand

Photo: The face behind the brand

 JF: Great, so tell me more about DoséOfDian.
DD: DoséOfDian is a platform that provides luxury styling services, a platform where clients feel great, confident and able to express themselves through their fashion and style.
JF: How did you come up with the name DoséOfDian?
DD: I am so glad you asked this because people see my name and instantly think "she makes clothes", "she's a tailor" etc and I can honestly see why they make this assumption, however there is a deeper meaning that truly exemplifies my genuine passion for styling. DoséOfDian tailors individuals style to their personality.

Image: Dos éOfDian

Image: DoséOfDian

JF: I would never have thought about it like that, wow - love that! Now with regards to fashion, how did your interest in fashion and style come about?
DD: Quite frankly, I have always been a lover of fashion and clothes - pretty cliche, right? From stealing my Mum's black clutch bags to accessorise and complete my outfits, to having a serious obsession with weekly online shopping, assisting my sister with her fashion needs - I mean, I love it all! These are ultimately the reasons why I wanted to start DoséOfDian, as I know how much it frustrates people to spend hours finding the right outfit for themselves. 

JF: There are a number of avenues one could possibly pursue within the fashion industry. How did you know you wanted to pursue styling, as opposed to possibly fashion blogging?
DD: In high school, I would spend hours and hours watching YouTube videos of fashion bloggers. Instagram came along not too long after and presented itself as a platform for many more fashion blogger. Funnily enough, I initially wanted to be a fashion blogger. I saved all my money, bought some lighting equipment and created a blog (a blog I never posted). The more I thought about it, the more I realised that it wasn't for me. I wanted to help people buy clothes and be able to give them advise on what to put together

Image: DoséOfDian

Image: DoséOfDian

JF: I think it is so important to truly understand what is right for you - find your forté  (word to Ceepz!). Understanding that styling was what you wanted to, how did you go about establishing yourself, your brand and your business?
DD: Inspired by the likes of StyledbyBrenna, people began to see my visual styles online which sparked up interest from so many people - "Where can I get that? Where can I get this?" and that's exactly what I wanted and it was working. I want to show people that you don't have to look nice from just buying expensive items, I also wanted to give people an option - you can literally create an outfit for the price of just £50. I am always reassuring my clients that you don't have to splash a ridiculous amount of money in order to look exceptional - quality over quantity. I will always continue with my visual styles and posting them everywhere and anywhere simply because it is literally what I do. So many stylists have a unique visual style and I have definitely incorporated that into my brand. I just want people to know that DoséOfDian is a brand that helps revamp peoples' style. Seeing people like StyledbyBreanna and Kingcarier at the height of their career now, coming from creating visuals inspires me! I see that being me one day, without a doubt!

Image: Dos éOf Dian

Image: DoséOfDian

JF: That will definitely be you. I mean, I came across your visuals before coming across your own personal page so the influence you are currently creating is widespread. Speaking specifically about fashion now, what is your style like and what trends are you loving now?
DD: My overall style is rather simple but classy. I am the type to create a great look from a simple shirt. I always implement this within my business, it is essential that simplicity is key. My favourite trends, currently, have to be street style - I am beginning to love mini bags! I also love gold slides, ruffled shirts, blazers and straight leg popper tracksuit style trousers, too!

Image: DoséOfDian

Image: DoséOfDian

JF: Okay so I am just going to add all of the above to my shopping list! I can't interview you and not rack your brains for a few styling tips! Please share a few fashion gems with us. What five staple items should every young woman have in her wardrobe? This is specifically for the ladies today, sorry lads!
DD: I love this question! Every girl should have a basic bodysuit (black or white), black patent court heels,a simple squared midi side split dress, wide leg trousers and a black clutch bag. These five staple items will help you create multiple looks and essential for any wardrobe. The simplest of items can make such a great outfit.


JF: You have just spoken into my life - I'm about to get my life and wardrobe together! Now, with regards to social media, you mentioned that a lot of your inspiration comes from online influencers. How have you utilised social media to grow your brand and following?
DD: Social media is an important aspect of my brand, particularly when it comes to following fashion trends, who wears what and so on. Both Instagram and Twitter have helped me grow my audience massively, introducing people into my world, my brand and what I love. I have gained a number of fantastic supporters, both of which I am grateful for. Social media has helped me gain an insight into marketing - how to communicate and relate with my target audience. 

JF: Social media has provided a whole new realm for upcoming entrepreneurs. I am so here for it. How has social media benefited you personally?
DD: Social media has allowed me to follow other inspiring individuals who strive to achieve their goals. This is particularly motivating and encourages me to continue to do better, to be better. It is important to follow people who benefit you and teach you new things which you can implement into your own life. There are so many accounts that have helped me, particularly on my down days. There is so much you can learn on the Internet for free - I have read so many articles from aspiring entrepreneurs that have helped me improve my business. I implore you all to do this too. Get your notebook out, find the right people within your industry/niche and take notes. You have to learn from others in order to be better. There are times where I am up until midnight, watching a number of live streams from boss ladies in the US, simply learning from their journeys and applying their tips!

JF: I agree. I personally use apps like Medium to read similar articles. Are there any social media pages within your industry that have inspired you?
DD: I live for fashion pages such as BOF, Fashionista.com, fashionbombdaily, fashion.s.o.s and theoutfitscrapbook I follow these religiously. Style icons I love have to be xammasi and Jwshua, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian, Karrueche and Bella Hadid. Olivia Pierson, Natalie Halcro and Nicole Williams are my all-time favourite.

JF: Business is never easy and it would be ignorant for one to assume that the road for an entrepreneur is one void of potholes. What problems have you personally faced in establishing DoséOfDian and your business as a whole?
DD: Procrastination and self-belief were my initial problems. I am a confident person however when it came down to being open about my craft and upcoming business, my confidence took a toll and I was definitely tested. It is important to surround yourself with people who genuinely love and believe in you. With regards to procrastination, you need to understand that no one in life owes you anything. You are in control - procrastination will only hold you back - it does get hard, but keep going!

JF: You definitely hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. How do you self-motivate in order to keep yourself going?
DD: 2017 has literally been that kind of year for me. I am really and truly the only one that can achieve the goals I have set for myself. You have to find ways to uplift yourself at your lowest moments because you will struggle when people around you have gone. That being said, support is an interesting one. We all have those "friends" we think will automatically support us when we begin something we love, however in actuality, they don't even acknowledge what we are doing. It hurts. I spent a lot of my time asking God to surround me with people who truly support me and drop the ones that don't - best believe He came all the way through!
This whole situation taught me how to be selective with who I decide to support and share things with. Let's start focusing on those that support you and help you further your business. Get rid of the people that undermine your progress and vision. Believe in your vision and stop explaining yourself to people who will never understand your plans. Too many people underestimated me when I began DoséOfDian, but I am sitting here today, sharing my journey thus far. Believe me when I say, the future certainly is bright!

JF: You are one inspirational young lady, honestly! You spoke a lot about motivation and drawing inspiration from influential people within your field - do you have any quotes or sayings that you live by?
DD: Absolutely! One of my favourites is "Never give up on your idea just because it didn't yield instant success". You have to be consistent and apply that to your genuine self-belief. Your time will certainly come.
JF: I definitely agree. What tips would you give to other young people starting up businesses and other projects?
DD: There are so many - where do I start? Create your own goals and stick to them; create targets and deadlines; interact with people that motivate and inspire you; write things down; exhibit genuine support and appreciation to others (most importantly God!); have an action plan; and finally, be consistent, passionate and proud of your progress thus far! I know I have listed so many but honestly, applying these tips as and when necessary in your entrepreneurial process will push you further in achieving that goal!

JF: I love that. Sometimes we need to hear these kind of things from other successful people. So, DoséOfDian, what's next?
DD: Right now, I am turning my vision into a business - DoséOfDian isn't just a stylist but a multi-faceted business. I am here to elevate people by pushing them to be different when it comes to their style, placing emphasis on how to express yourself through your choice of items. I have so much planned and have been working tirelessly behind closed doors. I am so excited to showcase what DoséOfDian has in store. You will see me styling some of the biggest names across a variety of industries, transforming people's style as well as an in-house luxury experience for my office consultations. I mean hey, you may even see DoséOfDian collaborating with a number of well-known brands. Big things are on the horizon so you will just have to stay tuned!

Final Words:
Wow. Dian is an absolute gem, honestly. Filled with such wisdom and tenacity, I can't even begin to imagine the projects that she will be releasing in the coming months. I love everything about her brand, and no, I am not bias, but it is so heartwarming to see another young lady actively chasing her goals and bringing those dreams into fruition. Approachable, inspirational and genuine are the only words I can think of to describe this young lady. Please be sure to check out DoséOfDian and the services she has to offer. This isn't the last you have seen, heard (or in this case, read) about her! Oh, and I am about to get my wardrobe in serious order after speaking with this gem!

Twitter: DoséOfDian
Instagram: DoséOfDian