Alexis holds an Economics and Philosophy degree and currently works within the financial services industry as an Investment Analyst. Whilst having such a demanding job and displaying evident excellence in her professional career, Alexis has also gained a lot of popularity for her fashion and style and describes herself as ‘typically overdressed’.

yasmin taylor.jpg

Yasmin Taylor

Yasmin Taylor studied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at university and since then has spoken at various events concerning the future of artificial intelligence and become a representative of black women in tech. Yasmin currently works as a service delivery manager, helping various organisations effectively process and manage IT or automated decisions using JIRA. Yasmin has contracted at amazing institutions including Samsung, MOJ and the NHS doing the above. Follow Yasmin on LinkedIn (link) and you can hear more about Yasmin’s journey and thoughts on AI here on an episode of the MyCityPodcast.


Sharon Akosua Powell

Sharon Akosua Powell (known as AkosBrandy) is a 26 year old Digital Analyst for a leading retailer, from North West London. Sharon holds a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics and Consultancy and a BSc in Business Management with Psychology. Her career stemmed from working at a global bank for several years to now joining the ever-changing world of technology. Sharon has a great love for education, numbers and inspiring others and has a goal of attaining a PhD degree. Sharon is the founder of a platform called ‘Last in the Class’ that aims to educate and inform people of colour on networking events, jobs and academics (with a website to launch this year). Sharon went on to say that she ‘strongly believes that millennials have the power to change the narrative for the next generation, especially within the Ghanaian community, once we come together to share our life experiences’. Sharon shares her experiences in the education system and provides information and career advice to students. If the above isn’t enough, Sharon mentors students aged 16 – 21 over the last four years and often supports career days. Alongside this, Sharon runs a blog page called ‘Soap and Some Brandy’ and hosts and presents at events and social functions.



Yvette is a 26 year old, neonatal sister and upon sharing the testimony about her nursing journey on Instagram, she started a platform called askNurse. Yvette’s passion is to let student and qualified nurses know they are not alone on their journeys. AskNurse organises and hosts nursing networking events with the aim of bringing students and qualified nurses together to network and build health and successful relationships. Yvette’s platform aims to promote health and well-being as well as discussing and overcoming the daily challenges nurses face. AskNurse have a number of upcoming networking events exploring mental health support for nurses over brunch. Follow Yvette on Twitter and support AskNurse



Christabel Mamikyi Afiba Bessa Dick (known to many as Maame Afiba Bessa),is a 26yr old Ghanaian woman of Nzema descent, born in Ghana, who moved to London a little over a decade ago to join her single mother and to further her education. She is currently at university studying health sciences and will graduate later this year with the aims of undertaking further education early next year to become a Research Doctor (a “physician-scientist”) in cardiovascular medical research, at King's College University. Christabel desires to work with the World Health Organisation in the future to: promote evidence-based practice across Africa, encourage authorities in the continent to invest more in medical research and to contribute to black women breaking barriers in medical and healthcare fields across the globe. Christabel recently started her own blog called “cardiaconwheels” that aims to educate people on some of the most common long-term conditions.


Bettiana Braimah

Bettianna became a qualified teacher at the age of 21. Bettianna recently launched ‘Turnt Teachers’ a platform that bridges the gap between university and the teaching profession. Turnt Teachers is a hub for young teachers in London to network and support each other. Bettianna desires to build a relationship with her current following, grow it and curate intimate events for teachers to build genuine friendships and share good practice.

afia jasmine.png

Afia Jasmine

Afia, by practice is a finance lawyer and is also an amazing writer, digital content creator and founder of Style Statue. Afia shares lifestyle tips and tricks for the working woman on Style Statue. Afia has embarked on a fantastic new journey moving into the fashion law space, one that is ever-growing and extremely prevalent at the moment. Afia carries herself with an admirable elegance and I look forward to seeing the waves that she makes as a fashion lawyer.

selasi setufe.jpg

Selasi Setufe

Selasi is an architectural designer and founder of Crystal Design Studios; an architectural studio through which she is navigating an alternative journey through architecture with an aim to create her own opportunities and explore a socially responsive/public interest approach to design and architecture. Selasi is currently a trustee and Co-Vice President for Students and Associates at the Royal Institute of British Architects. This role has highlighted the urgent need for the inclusion/involvement of more young people, particularly of diverse backgrounds, in providing the solutions our society and the profession desperately require both now and in the future. In response to this need, Selasi recently co-founded Black Female in Architecture (BFA). BFA is a network that aims to support and champion black/black mixed heritage females studying and working in the architecture industry and other built environment fields.


Lauretta Afful

Lauretta Afful is a 24 year old Accounting and Finance (with a year in industry) graduate. During her industrial year, Lauretta worked at The Walt Disney Company as a Cash Accountant and currently works as an Account/Finance Assistant at GS1 UK whilst embarking on becoming a fully Chartered Certified Accountant by 2020.
Lauretta is a founder of Change For Ghana, a non-governmental organisation aiming to unite the Ghanaian Diaspora in the UK to help promote a better Ghana. Formed in July 2018, C4G was birthed as it became increasingly clear that Ghanaians in the Diaspora held the same worries and concerns about Ghana. C4G places an emphasis on inclusivity amongst our people to aid in the advancement of our country. C4G host a plethora of events and workshops which allow Ghanaians in the diaspora to connect whilst giving back to a good cause. So far, they have supported Demonstration School for the Deaf in Mampong-Akuapem through effective research and support from our Ghanaian partners. C4G successfully donated £1,025.00 (GHC 6,170.00) to the enhancement of their leather work unit for the vocational training department - proceeds were generated through their launch Karaoke event “Anadwo Yede’’.
C4G have recently introduced their volunteering scheme and will also be launching their next scheme “Sponsoring a Child” very soon.

As a woman of many talents, Lauretta also hosts ‘Soul Sessions’ with some friends and creates a soulful vibe through poetry, sound and art; she is also a freelance photographer, visual/creative director and stylist (wow, OK girl!).


Coleen Mensa

Coleen Mensa is a trainee solicitor at one of the “Big 4” accountancy firms. Her journey into the legal profession further fostered her passion for self-development and career development. Coleen has since gone on to write for the Guardian and, sharing her experiences and assisting others to get into the legal profession. Her efforts have been universally recognised and she is the recipient of many prestigious industry awards. Coleen also is the co-founder of PowerUp, an initiative that is focussed on helping young people reach their full potential. In the midst of her demanding career and other side hustles, Coleen finds time to mentor others and speak frequently at events to pull others up.



Nana is a third year Law Student at the University of Southampton and pioneered her own Ghanaian Society at university, which has been successfully running for the past two years! Nana created this because she felt that there was a lack of opportunities to celebrate and embrace Ghanaian culture within the university community. In Nana taking this step, she has inspired others to create their own societies and further their various interests. Nana is an avid blogger and shares posts with the aim of inspiring, empowering and advising others based on her own experiences. Nana will be starting up a new venture with the aim of bridging the gap between the diaspora and Ghana. To keep up with Nana’s journey, follow her on Twitter, her blog and if you attend/are planning on attending the University of Southampton, join the Ghanaian Society!



Eleanor is a BA Economics and Politics graduate currently undertaking a Masters degree. Alongside her studies and interests in economic development, Eleanor started a beautiful movement called ‘The Dark Skinned Beauties’ dedicated to uplifting, empowering and highlighting the beauty of ALL dark skinned individuals by sharing their stories and discussing the ever-prevalent issue of colourisim within the black community.

Izzy Obeng

Izzy holds an MSc in Human Resource Management as well as a Certificate in Business Accounting and a BSc in Politics (phew!). Izzy is a start-up enthusiast and the founding director of Foundervine, an inclusive enterprise community which develops early-stage entrepreneurs. Obeng is an extremely passionate campaigner for diversity and is committed supporting small business creation across the UK and Africa.



Ama is the co-founder of podcast, Rice At Home - a podcast that has triggered many into actively exploring their options when it comes down to investments and entrepreneurship. Ama is also an agency owner and a copyright freelancer. With several of her tweets pushing others to action, Ama has since created a personal brand build on Mindset, Marketing and Money. Subscribe here to follow more of her journey.



Danilia is a 23 year old registered adult nurse and caterer. Whilst working full time as a nurse in an acute hospital , Danilia also runs a catering business called Glover Delicacies. Her catering business was birthed in her 2nd year of university as a student nurse! Somehow, Danilia manages to juggle the two and has high hopes for her career as a nurse and the future of Glover Delicacies.

annette abena.jpg

Annette Abena

Annette is a blogger and writer based in London. Her blog, focuses on African business, entrepreneurship and development. There you'll find interviews with entrepreneurs, reviews of African inspired brands and write-ups analysing business trends on the continent. Through her platform, Annette aims to promote the ventures of African business owners at home and abroad and encourage diaspora engagement.


Akua Ohenewaa

Akua Ohenewaa is a Commercial Real Estate professional and has many pursuits aside from that. Being Miss Ghana UK 2018, Akua has had the pleasure of attending prestigious events to connect with and encourage British Ghanaians in the diaspora who wish to make a positive make impact, by whatever means necessary. In addition to this, she has mentored other young women, had multiple discussions with professionals and others who are passionate about the rise in gun and knife crime in the UK, conversed with HRH Prince Of Wales, HRH Duchess of Cornwall and other dignitaries about her prospects with the crown and more. She is also the founder and project lead for 'I Am The 139', a youth empowerment initiative which nurtures youngsters' career and personal development. Their latest venture is the #IAmSankofaProject ; a cause to raise funds to refurbish the Nifa Kindergarten and Primary school in Adukrom, Ghana. Akua also has experience in event hosting, acting, voice over artistry and modelling. Her hobbies include; volunteering, especially for matters affecting youths, travelling, events coordination, cooking, fashion and performing in the art


Yvonne Bajela

Yvonne holds a BSc Economics and Business Finance and has completed an Executive Education Programme in Business Strategy and Governance. Yvonne has a background in investment and has worked for leading institutions as an investment manager. Yvonne is also a Founding Member & Principal for Impact X Partners, a platform allowing investors to access top-tier impact investment funds and direct investment opportunities.



Publa is in her early 20s and holds a BSc (Hons) and a Master in Science degree and is currently studying towards a Psychology PhD, which has a focus on chronic illness management and mental health. Clinical Psychology is a broad field and Publa wants to work on positively reforming the way in which mental health is viewed and approached, particularly within the black community. Mental health is so important and there is an increasing need for more black people in this profession, to allow cultural diversity in treatment and the implementation of mental health support in the UK.