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Gabrielle is a 29 year old ‘mumpreneur’ and mother to a baby model, Jeremiah.
Gabrielle runs a business with her other half called GMG. GMG aims to help people in the creative world with their main focus being on talent management, event management and project management. It doesn’t stop there! Gabrielle is also a fitness enthusiast and runs a company called ‘Mummy Fitness Fun’ that acts a place for women to keep fit whilst having fun. Mummy Fitness Fun was birthed as a result of people being so inspired by Gabrielle’s weight loss after birth. If you are interested in the services GMG provides or have a desire to snap back after birth, be sure to follow Gabrielle for more information. Keep an eye out for baby Jeremiah on your billboards!



Keisha is a 21 year old, born and raised in East London and is currently a hairstylist and business owner. Keisha has been doing hair since she was 16 years old but began to take her craft seriously and apply her business acumen to her craft. She is the co-owner of the newest hair company that has taken social media by storm, HerHairUK. HerHairUK aims to change the current hair game in the UK and is known for their amazing branding and impeccable lace units. Keisha is definitely one to watch. Follow her hair page Khaychstyles and HerHairUK.


Vanessa Brobbey

Vanessa W-Brobbey is the owner and founder of V.Lace Cosmetics, a brand focused on providing pigmented cosmetics formulated to not only promote inclusivity amongst all skin tones but to also improve and reverse hyper-pigmentation the natural way. It's important to that all of the collection allow equal colour pay-off on all skin tones from the palest of ivory tones to the richest mahogany tones. All of the products contain vitamin E and natural essential oils and the statement pigments are formulated to be food-proof, kiss-proof, everything-proof!


Chanel Ambrose

Chanel Ambrose started her career as a make up artist and has evolved into a blogger and influencer, focussing on beauty, lifestyle and plus-size fashion. Chanel has acquired almost half a million subscribers on YouTube and accumulated a total of 30 million + views on her channel. Chanel has been gracefully transparent with her life and journey thus far as a married woman and a mother of two beautiful boys. Being the entrepreneur that she is, Chanel has her hands in a number of pots and her latest venture, Camel London Creatives promises to leave its mark on influencers and brands alike.


Teena May

Teena May is the founder of Chulo, a UK-based made-to-measure brand that is centred on unique fabrics, exciting prints and trend-setting styles. The brand launched a number of display collections including “Tropicana SS17” and have had their stunning pieces donned by likes of UK blogger Estare, dancer Nqobile Danseur and UK artist Stefflon Don. Keep an eye out for Chulo in SS18 and grab yourself some unique pieces for your wardrobe!


Yasmeen Opare

Yasmeen Opare is the co-founder of Ashanti Swimwear, a swimwear line that embodies the rich essence of the Akan tribe, Ashanti Kingdom and all round Ghanaian culture. Interestingly, each swimsuit has a unique meaning, attributed to the traditional Akan names. Yasmeen is part of the Future of Ghana 2018 Alumni and is set to be a real asset to our generation!

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Andria is the founder of 'Think Pretty Hair Salon’ and Kannis Undiscovered Beauty hair extensions and has a wealth of experience when it comes to hair styling, extensions - all things hair in a nutshell! Amongst the above ventures, Andria has hosted HAIR ED’ masterclasses in Ghana with her business partner Gina Nipah, where she has passed on her pearls of wisdom to upcoming hair stylists in the nation - keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends and tips when it comes to laying down that frontal and tinting that lace! Andria has remained current and relevant over the years and the growth of her business has been beautiful to watch - more grease to your elbows!


Gina Nipah

Gina opened the Hapin Hair Lounge Dec 2017 in Camberwell and since its opening, has gained traction and grown as a business in the last year. The Hapin Hair Lounge specialises in natural hair treatments, braids, weaves, you name it, they do it! Gina, alongside her business partner Andria, has hosted ‘HAIR ED’ masterclasses in Ghana, of which gained a lot of traction within the nation. Gina is also a plus-size stylist and shares her flawless style on her Instagram.

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Zoe Garshong

Zoe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and is the Founder of Ms Independent Global, a platform dedicated to empowering women to break the glass ceilings in their respective industries and work towards proactively closing the gender wage gap. Ms Independent host a number of masterclasses, programmes and events to elevate women to the next level, particularly in industries that are male-dominated.

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Esther Anima

Esther Anima, previous Miss Ghana UK 2012, is the founder of Sinai Beauty. Sinai Beauty is a beauty, cosmetic and lifestyle company, inspired by the story of Queen Esther in the Bible. Sinai Beauty has been in business for a minute now and it has been great to witness the growth of the skincare range. With talks of a branded studio space expansion in Ghana, there definitely is a lot more to come from Sinai Beauty.

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Lorraine Wright

Lorraine is the founder of University Gospel Choir of the Year and is run by herself, together with a team here in the UK and in Ghana (Africa). Lorraine’s thinking behind starting the University Gospel Choir was to ultimately provide a platform for university gospel choirs to showcase their talents on a national scale. In 2010 Lorraine together with the UGCY UK director and team created a platform for University Choirs to perform and showcase their talents. Lorraine has won several awards as a result, including the Black British Business Rising Star Award, GUBA Community Champions Award, as well as the Black Youth Achievement Award. Amidst it all, Lorraine maintained her career in financial services and rose to positions of seniority before branching off to launch Vocsta, a platform dedicated to connected talented singers and artists to investors - first of its kind - a true pioneer!

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Akua Wood

As the granddaughter of both a strong minded female cocoa farmer + a corner shop entrepreneur, Akua has built Sheabutter Cottage trading directly with most farmers/producers with the same ethics. Giving back to communities around the world is something very dear to the company. The company is currently supporting an autistic child in Ghana as well as building a shea co-op for 54 women between the ages of 26 and 75 in Northern Ghana. Sheabutter Cottage is an admirable company with such a wholesome ethos, please patronize Sheabutter Cottage

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Jessica is a Certified Coach and Mentor who works with established entrepreneurs who are scaling up their businesses and senior female executives. She combines practical business savvy with deep coaching skills to help her clients be bolder, braver and success in life. She started her career in marketing working for international media and publishing organisations. Since starting her coaching business in 2009 she has worked with a diverse range of women and has appeared in local and national press and can be heard regularly on BBC Local radio.